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How do you feel?

Are you feeling stuck, anxious, overwhelmed and out of balance in your personal and professional life?

When was the last time you felt fulfilled?

Hi, I'm Renee Welde, and I help clients make life changing decisions.


Because I believe in the Human Spirit! 

Our crisis points are also our turning points. Although it may not feel like it, these crisis points are an opportunity to discover hidden gifts. Together we will shift your mindset, transcend your fears and obstacles and transform them into your greatest strengths.

The foundation of my practice is self care, and I will help you find the tools and strategies to elevate your life immediately. 

What's your Vision?

By removing emotional blocks and helping you map out your Personal Vision, you will  have supreme confidence in taking inspired, decisive action in getting your greatest work out into the world.

Between the possibility and the reality there is always a distance to walk.  Are you ready to take the first step?


Contact me at (646) - 392- 8885




Therapist, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Renee Welde presents an Experiential Workshop at ATHLETA, NYC  


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