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Video Series

#1: My Ideal Self

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#2: The Path of the Visionary

What’s a common thread that runs through the path of every Visionary? Contribution. You may be contributing to a partner, a child, a business, friends, or the community at large. Your mission this week is to perform 1 act of kindness every day for the next 7 days. Act “as if” you already are the Visionary!

From a positive psychology perspective, performing one act of kindness is the single most reliable momentary increase in well-being that we know of….try it out for yourself and email me, [email protected] or call me at ( 646) 392-8885. Let me know what you found out! If you know that transformation is needed to grow into becoming the Visionary of your own life, I can help. I can offer you a FREE Coaching Session.



#3: Three Good Things Exercise

Dr. Martin Seligman’s “The Three Good Things” exercise works because you begin to pay attention and focus on what’s good in your life instead of what’s not going well. This type of focus raises your vibration by shifting your mindset. It breaks up depression and increases happiness. Dr. Seligman recommends this exercise for only one week because most people enjoy the process so much that they continue to make it a daily practice! Give it a try and email me, [email protected] or call me to chat (646) 392-8885. Let me know how it goes!  If you’re ready to create a Vision for your life that inspires you, I can offer you a FREE coaching Session.



#4: Follow What Fascinates You!

Follow What Fascinates You Worksheet


#5 Changing Your Energy Bank

On a daily basis, how are you spending your energy in a positive way, and how are you spending your energy in a negative way? Begin to become aware of how you’re modulating your energy on a daily basis. Write down what feels good during the day and what feels heavy. Once you begin to become aware of how you spend your precious time, consider where in your life you can cut out what you don’t want in your life and incorporate more of what you do want. Making decisions of how you spend your time, care, and energy, gives you more value, purpose, joy and vitality in your everyday life. Self-care is the foundation of my practice. If you’re struggling to create more balance or incorporate a daily self-care practice that inspires you, I can help. Email me at [email protected] or call me (646) 392-8885. I can offer you a FREE Coaching session. Let's talk!


#6 What is Your Favorite Place in Nature?

What is your favorite power spot in nature? Is it the beach, the mountains, a pine forest, your garden? Nature is one one of the greatest healers we have.. so when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or depressed, find your place in nature. She will nourish and revive you.



#7 ON A SCALE OF 1-10....

Why are the 10's important in your life? Because they summon the life force in you.They make you feel more alive! On a scale of 1- 10, how satisfied are you with your Health, Family, Friends, Career, Home Environment, Romance, Fun, Personal Growth, Contribution? Are you staying stuck in the lower numbers? What will it take for you to move your numbers up the scale? When we live our life mainly in the 10's, we're in alignment with our expansion.

If you would like to learn more about how you can move your numbers up the scale, and improve the quality of your life, I can help. Please email at [email protected] or call me at (646) 392-8885. I can offer you a FREE coaching Session.

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