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Are you waking up in the morning and just going through the motions? Not really excited for the day but rather just doing what you always do, without a whole lot of thought behind it?

Are you showing up in your life feeling like there has to be something more? Maybe you want a change but you really don't know what  that looks like..

You know you should be happier and live in the moment, but you struggle with that because you aren't really sure how to find the joy in the moment when it always feels like the same thing and you feel like  you are running your life on autopilot.

I can help.

Hi, I'm Renee Welde, a Licensed Professional Counselor, National Board Certified Coach, and Retreat Leader specializing in individual and group Coaching for clients struggling in finding their authentic self and Life Vision.


Because I believe in the Human Spirit! 

Something I had to learn myself and that I teach others, is that our crisis points are also our turning points. That is the clue that something new in us wants to emerge. Under my care, you will shift your mindset, transcend your fears and obstacles and transform them into your greatest strengths.

The foundation of my practice is self care, and I will help you find the coping skills, tools and strategies to elevate your life immediately. 

Are you fearful and anxious about your future? What's your Vision?

I can help you through a 3 step process: 1. clearing emotional blocks. 2. Incorporating a self care practice and reconnecting with your authentic self. 3. Map out a Personal Vision that transforms yourself , your life and your world.

By removing emotional blocks and mapping out your authentic, personal Vision, you will have confidence in taking decisive action that will get your greatest love/work out into the world. 

Between the possibility and the reality there is always a distance to walk.  Are you ready to take the first step?

If you're ready for transformation, let's talk!

(646) - 392- 8885


Therapist, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Renee Welde presents an Experiential Workshop at ATHLETA, NYC  


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